ATC Factsheets

ATC fact sheets are designed as briefing material for operators and pilots who use the services of LVNL. As such, they provide background information on our ATC procedures. Moreover, they explain some of the less intuitive aspects of ATC operations which are unique to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM). We hope that by clarifying our design choices and placing them in a relevant context, LVNL can contribute to an increased situational awareness of both pilots and operators.

The ATC fact sheets are available here, and distributed to contact addresses of Safety Departments in airlines operating regularly to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and to VNV/Dutch Airline Pilots' Association for further distribution to operators and pilots.

For questions, comments and changes in address or contact person, please contact:

LVNL/ATC The Netherlands
PO Box 75200
1117ZT Luchthaven Schiphol
The Netherlands

- AFS 01 Runway 18C/36C
- AFS 02: removed - no longer applicable
- AFS 03: removed - no longer applicable
- AFS 04 Parallel approaches runways 18C and 18R
- AFS 05 Parallel approaches runways 36C and 36R
- AFS 06 from runway 24 to the North
- AFS 07 Transponder ground operations
- AFS 08 ICAO FPL 2012