Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - Control Zone (CTR)

VFR flights intending to cross the Schiphol CTR shall follow the procedure below:

  • Complete the form 'Crossing VFR flights Schiphol CTR' as follows:
    • Fill in flight data.
    • Mark the route in the CTR using one or more arrows.
    • Make sure to fill in your phone number, so the Operational Help Desk can contact you for approval and/or co-ordination.
  • Send the completed form by e-mail at least six hours before departure to the Operational Help Desk.
  • VFR flights without operational necessity within the CTR are unlikely to be given clearance.
  • The Operational Help Desk will contact you for approval and co-ordination.
  • When you receive your initial approval, submit a flight plan in the usual manner to the usual addresses. Also send the flight plan to the Operational Help Desk, using the address EHAMZXHD. Initial approval does not mean a clearance for the intended flight.
  • Send an e-mail to the Operational Help Desk if the flight is delayed, cancelled or changed in any way.

This procedure does not apply to local VFR traffic(ADEP/ADES EHAM) via route VICTOR or ROTOR and in the Amsterdam sector. The routes and/or circuit must be followed as published. Be aware that at any time the air traffic controller may give instructions with regard to route, altitude and/or speed.

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