Special activities

For conducting activities with which the airspace is used, a number of rules apply. You will find these rules here.

You must request permission from the local air traffic service to conduct some of these activities. The contact information is mentioned here.

You will find information about the following types of activities:

- toy balloons
- captive balloons
- kites

If you plan activities for which you cannot comply with the legal requirements, you must request exemption from the section of the law concerned.

You intend to launch a large captive balloon within a CTR. The balloon launching field is more than 5 kilometres from the aerodrome concerned. The captive balloon will reach a height of 75 metres.
According to the law, the maximum height for a large captive balloon is 50 metres. You may request exemption from what is stated in the 'Besluit inrichting en gebruik niet aangewezen luchtvaartterreinen'. Your request will be evaluated on its social and commercial interests, and on the possible danger for aviation. If exemption is granted, additional conditions may apply.

You may send your request for exemption regarding large captive balloons (only in writing and thoroughly motivated) to:

Civil Aviation Authority Netherlands
Division Aerodromes and Airspace
P.O. Box 575
2130 AN Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

You may send your request for exemption regarding toy balloons, small captive balloons and kites (only in writing and thoroughly motivated) to:

Air traffic Control the Netherlands
Department ATM Procedures
P.O. Box 75200
1117 ZT Airport Schiphol
The Netherlands

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