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Short duration survey flights

A short duration survey flight is a survey flight in a control zone (CTR) that performs survey tasks (take photographs, make videos, etc. of a target from above) for a maximum of ten minutes per target, with a maximum of five targets.

Specific procedures apply for survey flights in the CTRs of the aerodromes. The map alongside shows the CTRs.

If you point your mouse to an area, the name of the aerodrome will appear.

Click on an area for the applicable procedure and a detailed map of the area.

A flight may be refused at any moment if air traffic control aspects require so.


As an aircraft operator of survey flights within the Amsterdam FIR, you are, at any time, responsible for:

  • keeping the flight plan up-to-date;
  • informing the Operational Help Desk by phone if the flight is delayed, cancelled, or changed in any way;
  • adhering to the instructions given by the Operational Help Desk;
  • keeping yourself informed about the NOTAMs valid for the flight;
  • obtaining a clearance of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) unit involved during your flight before entering controlled airspace. The Operational Help Desk co-ordinates your project flight and approves it, which means that the ATC unit is aware of your intentions. However, it does not mean that they have given you a clearance yet. You obtain the clearance on the appropriate RTF channel.

If a part of the survey flight takes place outside the Amsterdam FIR, or in a part of the Amsterdam FIR where ATS has been delegated to a foreign ATC unit, you are responsible for prior co-ordination of the flight with the foreign ATC unit and that the flight is performed according local rules and legislation.

If necessary due to operational reasons, the air traffic controller may postpone, cancel or stop a flight at any moment.

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