Operational Help Desk
Air Traffic Control the Netherlands

What may be found on this website?

The website of the Operational Help Desk provides information for those who arrange the following flights and activities:

- Local and crossing flights within Schiphol CTR
- Special Flights: test flights, short duration survey flights, survey projects, parachute jumping, helicopter operations, dropping objects from an aircraft.
- Special activities: launching toy balloons, captive balloons, kites


Additionally, information about a number of annual airspace closures is provided.

On this website, you will find regulations and maps. As a result, you will know which rules you have to comply with when, for example, you want to launch balloons.

We have tried to be as complete and clear as possible. However, if you have any questions, do contact us via telephone +31 (0)20 4062201 (your call will be recorded), or e-mail ops_helpdesk@lvnl.nl.

What does the Operational Help Desk do?

The Operational Help Desk prepares special flights and activities which take place in the civil part of the Dutch airspace. We act as an intermediary between those who arrange the flights and activities, and the operational departments of LVNL. If necessary, we also collaborate with the military air traffic service.

We can also answer questions about operational air traffic control matters.


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